I found a mug where I was safe and snug

Kaboom! Went the exploding trees as the fire burnt them. Ashes flew into my mouth with their smoky flavour. “Eeeeennnnn” was the sound of the rabbits getting roasted.

I was desperately looking for an escape. Then I spotted this …. – was it a mug, or a cup? I hid inside it. I could feel the blaze, the cup was starting to melt when suddenly I heard “wee woo, wee woo…”

In memory of this day, I wrote:

Trees were burning

The fire was turning,

Smoke was in the air,

I couldn’t find a chair…

So I found a mug

Where I was safe and snug.


The Catastrophic Crash

We were moving fast when… ERRRRRRRR! Bang, Smash, Crash.  Someone had crashed into the back of us. Dad and I went hospital and we went out all OK and I have had nightmares since. The next day at school t was sapsasa athletics and when we got there everyone was at the gate and everyone asked if I was OK. I was still a bit scared from yesterday and emotional. It was a tough time around then. I hope it gets better throughout the year and although  it wasn’t to bad it is still hurting my feelings and it is bad to talk about.  

My first week of school

On my first two weeks of school I had a catch up with my friends and we played some footy and cricket. I have had so much fun this first two weeks and can’t wait till the end of the year.



Zac (Sprintcar Fanatic).