The NASCAR Daytona 500

“Welcome ladies and gentleman to the NASCAR Daytona 500! Today marks the 50th anniversary of the Daytona national speedway and we were lucky this event went on because of everything that is going on right now.” The cars were driving out onto the middle of the track one by one awaiting the race. And then i saw it the best driver in the whole NASCAR world. Kyle Busch! He was just pulling out of his trailer and his crew were helping him out towards the track. The crowd flooded towards him astonished at the sight of the worlds best NASCAR racer,

Stuck On Cold Rock

As Jim started the car and headed towards Cold Rock, he put on some music to calm himself and awaited the journey ahead. The man was feeling as excited as if he had won the $30 million dollar lottery. Then all of a sudden Jim felt a big bump and the car stopped dead in the middle of the road not knowing what was going on. Was it safe to go out and check what happened? Furiously, he stepped out the car and headed to the back of the car and tried to push the car towards the nearest service station. Then deviously a white, furry and fish smelling polar bear arrived at the front of the vehicle and shook it ferociously! As soon as the bear got their he Catapulted himself onto Jim’s car and started smashing it to pieces. Minutes past and the man finally found a way to escape the wrath of this bear! “That was such an amazing discovery and I hope it happens sometime soon!” said Jim sarcastically.

Demolition Derby Part 5

The race was now deemed to be unfinished because of the crashes that happened to Mr Plant and Mr Box. The other drivers were filled with disgust and started to whisper among each other! Word had got out that the elephant that was running the race was going to make a speech at around 2:00pm tomorrow regarding the state of the race. The next day at 1:59pm: The build up to today was insane and everyone was awaiting the elephants speech. Then the Elephant delivered his historic speech, “I’m cancelling this race due to the horrific injuries!” yelled Mr Elephant.

Demolition Derby Part 4

Then the Ambulance arrived and started to examine them. Mr Plant had a break in his left leg and fracture in his right shoulder but Mr Box was completely fine. They took Mr Plant to hospital and they said to him that if he wanted to keep racing that he needed to get a gold leg and silver bone in his shoulder. He got to the surgery room and started to whimper but as he started the viola started to play? Then doctors searched Mr plants body for the breaks and had lost the ancient leg replacement in doing so.

Demolition Derby Part 3

Everyone was now starting to become bored at the race. Then as Mr Box was turning the corner and he lost control in the gravel, slid off the track! He was driving so impeccable up until now! As Mr Box came out of his car Mr Plant was coming around the same corner and slid on all of Mr Boxes tire rubber and He yelled out “RUN!” That’s when I knew I should run away as far as I could. So Mr box ran as far away from the track as he could until Mr plant eventually crashed out and the race came to a sudden halt.

Demolition Derby Part 2

“Ladies and Gentlemen welcome back to the figure of 8 circuit where the demolition derby race has begun .”

“Having a glance at the track now it looks like the Mr box is in a good position at the moment and Mr plant is in control of the race as well!”

This figure of 8 is a very beautiful track with the scenery playing an amazing touch to today’s race. One of the best features is the stream running from Mount Daytona to the figure 8. This race was going to be incessant today as the race wouldn’t stop until everyone had crashed out.

Demolition Derby

“Ladies and Gentleman welcome to tonight’s demolition derby!”                                “Tonight’s track is figure of 8,” yelled the announcer.                                                    As the cars approached the track a sky of dust surrounded the racers. Out of the dust appeared the best racer in the demolition derby competition “Racoon Wrecker!” Driving this car was the famous Mr Box in his chair that won him 247 races!  As he headed towards the start line Mr Plant came up behind him in his leaf shaped car. No one knows why though? He usually is in his car “the fly trap” but not today. The last time he used this was in the 1965 series!

The Night Of The Dead!

As Jack was swaggering down the street the cold air sent a shiver down his spine.  As he approached the cemetery he heard a deafening screech down the walkway of the cemetery. Then out of nowhere there was a hand that was running down the side of the grave! “Hello who’s there?” yelled Jack. Then people started to scream and they were getting louder and louder! The deafening screams echoed through the cold night and Jack became terrified. Just after the screams had finished a sound started to say “Hello we are your best friends and cant wait to see you in your human self!” Then Jack fainted.


As we gazed up into to the starry night sky Jace, Noah and I spotted some shooting stars! We had enough and we decided to go back home and have some snacks. We disappeared into the night sky headed towards my house where we were going to watch Avengers: Endgame and have some popcorn and other snacks. Halfway there we got to the shops that have the best chips and dip and grabbed a bucket load of it. We got home set up Disney+ and started the three and a half hour movie premiere rated the best in the world!

The Perfect Photo

We were gazing into the dark and starry lit night sky and I spotted some mountains in the distance. I had the idea to go up them and look at the view there. We got about half way there and my friend Noah pointed out to me a tree that was on a lean and had no leafs at all. We got closer to the tree and decided that this was the perfect place to take our photo! In one of our photos the tree was covering the the moon and it had such a good effect including the sky.