The Creepy Door

“Who was that behind the door”! Said Zac. “It was funny” Said Elwood. “What just like you Elwood”. At this moment Elwood thought to himself that he was very funny and that he should never try and make Zac pull faces again. Zac now was more worried about what was happening behind the door. So he said to Elwood “I wonder what was behind the door”.  Zac now wonderd if he would ever see the this thing that was behind the door but he then saw that the door was wide open and he freeked out like a savage panther.

The Horrific Day

“Mum hurry up lets go to the cricket its starting”! “Ok just wait”! “Why” “Because I said so”. “Bob help me the cupboard just fell on me”! At that moment bob sprinted as fast as a gazzele running away from a cheetah. He got to his mum and lifted the cupboard off of her and then they went to the cricket match. While they were there they witnessed a 6 that headed straight towards them. It was so fast they couldn’t react that it hit poor bob in the middle of his face and he had to go to the hospital.

The Mutan Ladybugs!

“Ahhh they’re attacking me” said Jack as he was getting attacked by mutant ladybugs that weren’t tinsy tiny anymore and that had massive teeth and were all just about 227cm in height. They were attacking Jack like  hungry cheetahs and before you knew it he was gone. Then they moved on to someone new named Mack. Mack was scared of ladybugs so as soon as he heard the news he locked down his house but not good enough because one night they got in! But insted of attacking they stoped just at his foot and Mack wondered why they did.