The New Cricket Bat

I was walking down the street thinking about the new cricket bat I was getting! It was green and blue! When I got to the cricket shop I headed towards where the cricket bat was! There it was the green and blue cricket bat I had dreamed about! I picked it up to practice a shot with it! But it was heavier than I expected! It was as heavy as trying to lift 2 chairs at the same time! I started to shiver because this was the bat I had dreamed about since i was a little boy! But luckily they had it in a smaller size!

My new bicycle!

Today I got my new bicycle and it was yellow! I was desperate for it and I was lucky to get it! The bicycle man warned me that it could break down! But I didn’t worry because I was wanting to ride it right now! Greedily I grabbed a snake from the lollies jar and ate it before mum could see me! Ryan my brother ran in and saw me eat the snake and he was like “I can’t believe you’ve done this!” Well even though ryan saw I still ate the snake and right in his face as well!

The Grand Final!

We had done it we had won the Footy grand final! Our team the dodo’s were to good against the turkey’s! The thing that got us over the line was having Pepsi and Coke at the half time break! Then everything stopped and we got our trophy and medals! I got best on ground and the leading goal kickers medal! I was so proud of myself for leading our team to the victory! Our team was so happy that we won that they went to pub and they won the meat raffle and the got a big bottle of coke!

Ocean Adventure

“Look daddy theirs seahorses in the water”! “Oh thats so cool”! “Why are they purple dad”? Mitchell’s dad didn’t know what to say. He couldn’t understand why the seahorses were purple. But he came up with an idea! “Mitchell they ate purple avocado bones”! “Were they slimy, gooey, moldy”. “What were they like”, exclaimed Mitchell. His dad just whispered “They were slimy, moldy and gooey”. As mitchell looked around the room all he could see were fish in tanks an all the walls. They had sharks, catfish, fighting fish and blob fish. Mitchell and his dad enjoyed that day forever!

The Trip Across The Sea 🌊🌊🌊

“Lets go to the Raft and go all over the world!” exclaimed Jack!  So they set of around the world! “Wow look at that turquoise water!” It was very turquoise and it was like that because it was the tropical season! There were cats flying everywhere! They sailed high and low loudly and quietly! It was a really cool trip and they wanted to do it again when the turtles flew and when it was summer! Jack and the boys went back to jacks house and had some soft drink and ice cream and jelly for a celebration desert party! 

The Race Between The Lamborghini And The Ferrari

“GO”! The gun went off and the lambo and the ferrari went head to head in a race for 1 million dollars! The had to go from San Francisco to New York which is 3,367km away from each other. But they were exausted already after about 1,000km Jack nearly ran out of fuel but lucky there was a pits nearby and he stoped in and Zac also stoped in. Zac was the first out of the pits and soon after was followed by Jack in the lamboghini. Zac zoomed of like a cheater and could see the finsh until he crashed!!

The Creepy Ghost Story

“No! My only son just died in front of my very eyes”. “Helloooo Mummy”. “Ahh its a ghost”! “Someone call 000. QUICK”! “000 whats your emergencey”. “Um i sore and heard a ghost 10 minutes after my son was killed when he ran into a tree here in tiny tree park. “Ok we will be right on the scene”. In 5 minutes they came to the scene and then the boy appeard and the cops somehow aressted him on the scene straight away and the mum and father were amazed and on the same day the year later they died straight away no notice.