The Sprintcar Championships

Welcome ladies and gentleman to the annual SPRINTCAR CHAMPIONSHIPS! This year the race was going to be held at Premier Speedway, Warrnambool, Victoria but because of COVID-19 we have moved the event to Borderline Speedway, Mount Gambier, South Australia! This Speedway has been home of many great races like the Kings Challenge and The Easter Trail. Racers from all around the world will come and stay in mount gambier and race at borderline to crown a SPRINTCAR CHAMPION! People from Victoria and NSW will not be able to attend and everyone who does attend will have to be Socially Distant.

The Sprintcar Race

We had arrived at the famous Knoxville Speedway. It is finally that time of year. THE KNOXVILLE 360 NATIONALS! It was rain at this stage but the track was starting to clear and so was the sky. We were ready for racing! Gradually things started to move and the cars were out on the track ready to start the MAIN EVENT! As they went into the 4 way wide line up the official flagman got his frothy out the way and got the green flag and waved it to signal the start of the Knoxville 360 nationals. LETS GO RACING IN KNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE.


I woke up and realized that I was in the middle of the southern ocean! I was standing on one single piece of ice that was only big enough to fit me on it. I was worried for my family when they wake up they’ll be looking for me and they’ll get so emotional and distraught when they find out that i’m no longer there. I tried to find a way to get back to some sort of land but i was completely stranded with no food and water for me to survive on. Right there and then I fainted!

The Car and Man Tragedy!

Traveling across the sea was the car carrier. Then as quick as lightning everything turned from great to horrific! SMASH CRASH BASH! The cars had been crushed up in the water right next to the dock, thee most expensive cars being crushed were: The Veneno Roadster and The Ferrari GTO 250. Ten minutes had past since this car tragedy and the boat driver is nowhere to be seen. People watched on in horror wondering if he was dead and if their cars would be alright or a write off! Was this the end of the man and the cars or not?

The NASCAR Daytona 500 pt 2

The cars were lined up ready to go racing! Kyle Busch was starting in pole position followed by Brad Keselowski in 2nd. The Grand Marshall was holding out the green flag awaiting confirmation to start the race. Then it began! Brad got off to a great start just getting ahead of Kyle and was leading the pack! But then that all turned around. At the back of the pack there was a 12 car crash which when brad came around on the next lap he became petrified and tried to slam on the brakes but he was to late and CRASHED!

The Perfect Photo

We were gazing into the dark and starry lit night sky and I spotted some mountains in the distance. I had the idea to go up them and look at the view there. We got about half way there and my friend Noah pointed out to me a tree that was on a lean and had no leafs at all. We got closer to the tree and decided that this was the perfect place to take our photo! In one of our photos the tree was covering the the moon and it had such a good effect including the sky.

Flying Futuristic Cars!

“HEY WATCH OUT!” yelled Jack. Jack was having a fly in his new car! I know you might be thinking “well how can  a car fly?” Well see in the year 2024 we have a new line of cars called the hover craft! The hover craft is a new and improved version of the Ferrari and Lamborghini! A lot of people all around the world have been using this vehicle. It is rated the best in the world with around 20 million people buying this product for there own! It is awesome because it is at a low price of $299:99 per customer.

The Crazy Dream!

There it was standing right in front of my eyes! The wild purple elephant! He was very happy with a wide grin on his face and jumping up and down joyfully! He was a skilled elephant and painted master pieces all over the world! He played the violin and guitar and started his own band called jimmy and the johns! They were a hit and in the 20’s they were named the best artist and singer song writer in the world! He was so proud of himself that when he grew up he went on a holiday to the Americas!

The Big Breakfast

Today the city of Texas was having a big breakfast party celebrating the anniversary of the very first statue in the world! Everybody was coming to the breakfast as everyone in the city had been invited! “GET BACK HERE YOU PURSE SNATCHER!” “NEVER!” Down the street close to the hall where the breakfast was the was a robber! He went into the hall and stool some toast! “NO,” he said, “I LIKE VEGEMITE!” He didn’t want the nuttela but he must of loved Vegemite! The toast was burnt and only half of it had Vegemite on it! He wasn’t very happy but i dont know why?

The Big Scary Brown Balloon

There once was a dark room with a red clock and scary furniture that comes alive! And that is where the scary balloon lived! He was brown with freckles and blood is coming of off his teeth! He never killed anyone but he was still frightening! One day the brown balloon was going to play soccer but when he tried to kick the ball he went straight though it! When he found out that when he kicked it he missed he got really angry and stormed inside his house and got really angry at the ball because he couldn’t kick it around his backyard area!