How Was My Lockdown

My lockdown was very boring and a bit fun at the same time. When the weather was good we would go outside and play some mini basketball or do basketball trickshots! But when the weather was bad i would stay inside and watch TV or play on my PS4 (Game Console). The main games I would play were NBA, Fortnite and AFL Evolution 2. That was probably the best part of my lockdown. It was good to finally be able to go back to school and go out with mates because it was a long time since I had seen them

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  1. Hi Zac. I’m pleased you showed some emotion in your last sentence about going back to school. Writing about an event like this would benefit from more personal voice I feel. Perhaps you could have mentioned your feelings about being with your family all day every day or not being able to get out as much as you’d have liked.
    What do you think?
    Jackie (Team 100WC)
    New Plymouth
    New Zealand

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