The Perfect Photo

We were gazing into the dark and starry lit night sky and I spotted some mountains in the distance. I had the idea to go up them and look at the view there. We got about half way there and my friend Noah pointed out to me a tree that was on a lean and had no leafs at all. We got closer to the tree and decided that this was the perfect place to take our photo! In one of our photos the tree was covering the the moon and it had such a good effect including the sky.

5 Replies to “The Perfect Photo”

  1. hi i like how your story isn’t scary and that the second you saw the tree you didn’t want to go up the mountain great job

  2. nice work on your vocab really flowy storie
    overall i dont think that i can give you a wish because it is amazing

  3. What a lovely story, Zac. It made me feel quite calm and content, I think your story shows you have a love for natural things, well done.

    My wish here is to see more DADWAVERS to create more interesting sentences. A “Where things are” would have been wonderful to see in this piece, for example.

    Keep up the good work!

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