The Grand Final!

We had done it we had won the Footy grand final! Our team the dodo’s were to good against the turkey’s! The thing that got us over the line was having Pepsi and Coke at the half time break! Then everything stopped and we got our trophy and medals! I got best on ground and the leading goal kickers medal! I was so proud of myself for leading our team to the victory! Our team was so happy that we won that they went to pub and they won the meat raffle and the got a big bottle of coke!

One Reply to “The Grand Final!”

  1. Well done on incorporating the prompt so smoothly into your story. I actually had to look back over it to see where it was!

    Good use of punctuation overall, but don’t forget your capital letters for The Dodos and Turkeys (and you don’t need the apostrophes).

    I love that they won the meat raffle. Such an Aussie prize!

    Michelle, Team 100WC
    Melbourne, Australia

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