The Catastrophic Crash

We were moving fast when… ERRRRRRRR! Bang, Smash, Crash.  Someone had crashed into the back of us. Dad and I went hospital and we went out all OK and I have had nightmares since. The next day at school t was sapsasa athletics and when we got there everyone was at the gate and everyone asked if I was OK. I was still a bit scared from yesterday and emotional. It was a tough time around then. I hope it gets better throughout the year and although  it wasn’t to bad it is still hurting my feelings and it is bad to talk about.  

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  1. Dear Zac,

    I felt emotional too, reading your story. It reminded me of a time when I was in a car crash too when I was about your age and my little brother and my mum had to go to hospital. I was fine and I went home with my dad but I also had nightmares about it. It is a tough thing to get over, but time will help. I loved the positivity that came out of your story with all your friends rallying around you. It will get easier with time, you can be certain of that. Being able to talk and write about it will also help you to deal with it. Well done, I look forward to reading your next 100 word challenge.

    Mrs Pratt

  2. Very good job at writing. I feel sad sad for you. I’m happy that you are ok. We had had a crash once too, it was a bit scary but we were all ok too.

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